Not a ‘conspiracy’ anymore

I’m not a fan of Fox News. I realize that Fox news has all sorts of other monikers – meant to put focus squarely on its historic ability to twist the facts to serve a different (see: secret) agenda. Faux News, Mox News, Fake News; I get it. I realize that Fox is one half of the right-left paradigm and is not to be trusted. I realize that Fox news is a part of Rupert’s empire and has all sorts of ties to the military industrial complex – but when you see a report on what has for years been relegated to only the paranoid and fringe conspiracy world actually appear on Fox you must understand that times are changing indeed. I have written extensively on this blog about the difficulty of being called a “conspiracy theorist” due to the constant dismissal of the phenomena. Yet my feelings persisted even after little or negative reaction for reasons I couldn’t quite explain other than to say I just ‘had a feeling it was true.’ This should sinch it for anyone. Spend an hour on the internet reading and watching videos about the New World Order and you might be convinced. Do that – and then watch the video below. I reckon anyone who doesn’t accept this as FACT afterwards is probably too brainwashed to save. The irony of all this is that truth seekers who read about the NWO and similar topics have no problem calling it a conspiracy. That’s what it is! A conspiracy – yet calling it a ‘conspiracy’ on any mass outlet is used tactically to discredit the content rather than to describe it! So this is why I say it is Not a ‘conspiracy’ anymore. In other words, it’s not fiction.

***Note: Copy and paste the link, Fox is not allowing me to embed or link

What are your thoughts?

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