Something is going on.

**Update 2 – It just gets more and more difficult to ignore:

*Update – Only a couple days after I wrote this article, Ron Paul appeared on the Mike Church show and eloquently restated almost exactly what I tried to convey below:

The gig is up folks.  The game is rigged.  The emperor has no clothes, and people are starting to take notice. I make no apologies for my diehard support of Ron Paul and I won’t – but the original intent of this blog was not to be an explicit endorsement of Paul.  I feel a little reluctance to AGAIN feature him but things are getting serious, fast, and I am not ashamed to dedicate so much space on this blog to his our cause.

I make this exception because I would likely not be writing at all if it were not for the humble doctor who I personally credit for “Curing my apathy.”  But I must write again, because my gut is telling me that the Ron Paul campaign just experienced one of its most significant victories yet.   For those who are not PAYING ATTENTION to the momentous geopolitical events unfolding before our eyes, this phenomenon of Ron Paul being ignored in the “mainstream media” might be something you just tuned into.  I find that funny – because supporters of Ron’s 2008 campaign know this all too well.  My position on this was made quite clear when I wrote on the subject a few months.   In fact, there was only one point of contention I made with Jon Stewart’s EXCELLENT breakdown of the corporatist media coverage of Ron Paul’s significant showing at the Iowa Staw poll.  If you haven’t seen this yet it is a definite must watch:

My only contention is this; he says the media’s coverage of Paul has been suppressed for weeks – while true – it would be more accurate to say YEARS.  The truths Paul speak, as he puts it himself, “are nothing new,” but have been suppressed for decades.  The methods by which our financial system operates are a dirty word in mainstream politics and as history proves – has been for almost 100 years.  Paul and his supporters believe the time has come for that hegemony to end – as he so plainly states in his weekly update:

Returning to the original topic of this post though –  it is now irrefutable that the military industrial media corporations have some reason to purposely discourage voters from researching and voting for Ron Paul.  The chronology of said events go something like this:

  1. Ron Paul runs in 2008 predicting financial calamity, continued struggle in middle eastern occupation, the erosion of civil liberties, and monetary inflation leading to higher prices
  2. He was promptly dismissed as a quack, excluded from debates, denied air-time, asked loaded/slanted questions and touted as “unelectable”
  3. Ron Paul continues activism via Campaign for Liberty where he speaks on college campuses.  Many of his predictions come to fruition, subsequently he is given more legitimacy and airtime.  Supporters continue campaign, leading to rise of tea party as a voice in the Republican party.
  4. Ron Paul wins Conservative Political Action Committee Straw Poll 2 years in a row
  5. Ron Paul gains momentum in online polls, alternative media coverage, debates
  6. Mainstream media outlets continue to ignore Ron Paul’s rising success in various metrics despite having him on financial TV often for his economic analysis
  7. Consistently, all around the country Ron Paul is showing a dedicated and growing base of support – but this FACT is ignored and outright suppressed
  8. Ron Paul gets second in the Iowa straw poll which has traditionally been a focus for the GOP campaign
  9. Ron Paul wins New Hampshire straw poll
  10. Ensuing lack of media attention attracts more media attention for the OBVIOUS discrimination
  11. Mainstream media’s attempted censorship brings more credibility to the cause and detracts from private interests who would benefit from the continuation of the status quo
  12. Today; where this phenomenon is coming to a head.

Just watch these:

The fact that the media would have such an obvious agenda to discriminate against a single candidate raises so many critical questions that frankly, are scary for most Americans to try and answer.  The most obvious of which;


This question should light the mind ablaze with ideas – and is critical to being a so-called conspiracy theorist.  Why WOULD such a concerted effort be needed to dissuade voters from believing in a candidate who legitimately supports peace and prosperity?  The answer is surely as daunting as it is inevitably evil.

The evidence for a serious groundswell of liberty-minded people is hard to deny any longer…So it now comes down to a choice;

Who are you with and what are you going to do about it?

My answer – DO WHAT YOU CAN.  Do what you are able within your immediate sphere of influence.  If you can prove that there IS a conspiracy to suppress Ron Paul, the “Why” question will surely light the fire of resistance within the minds of those you are able to convince. Tell your family members, friends, and co-workers.  Do it as tactfully and as non-confrontational as you can.  Be persuasive, friendly and inviting.  We don’t want to SCARE people, we want to inform them.  Do not put down other political figures in a petty way – stick to the facts! Do NOT talk about winning to “beat” someone unless it is relevant to the cause of liberty!  Ron Paul’s voting record is perfect when it comes to the constitution so you should have plenty of evidence to back up his words.  If you must talk about other candidates – KNOW ABOUT THEM.  Know about Rick Perry working for Al Gore (or his forced inoculations), know about Michelle Bachmann’s tacit endorsement of the IRS, know about Rick Santorum’s ignorance on foreign policy.  Don’t “think” these things! KNOW them and be ready to show proof if you have to.  Be prepared to DISCUSS in a logical, polite manner.  If the discussion gets too heated – bow out gracefully but do not back down on the views.  The truth will STING, so be compassionate when trying to wake people up. We are all on a journey together and it is our job (being enlightened already) to lend our strength and courage to others, so that others will have the passion to do the same.  This is how grassroots works and this is how we win.

And most importantly; HAVE FUN!

One thought on “Something is going on.

  1. I’m so very proud of you Corey, you can’t even imagine how much. You searched for Truth and you found it and sad to say there are too many people who never do.

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